“Kristian is a fearless mover. Watching or photographing him, you can experience his unpredictable shifts and nuances through the lenses – a gypsy mover. A performer to keep your eyes on.”

Gregory Lorenzutti

(2020) Image: Theresa Hall
Kristian is an interdisciplinary performance artist specialising in the forms of Theatre, Dance, and Circus with a strong curiosity for experimental, immersive and hybrid work. His collaborative nature and holistic training style yields collage-like performances that are heavily influenced by the utilisation of diverse modes of expressions: live projection, community interaction, large-scale spectacle, installation, and cinematography. Kristian’s experience extends across direction and production, creative consultancy, choreography, dramaturgy, film, and workshop facilitation. Kristian’s performance practice is currently centered around the research topics of liminality, inter-relational reflexivity and metamorphosis. Kristian believes in the idea of swirling dualities in the one human vessel: the body- beast- mind- spirit- ego- myth being. We all represent the Other, the Ubermensch, the knife, the wound. Within a world of fear, condemnation, political correctness, and intellectual bullying/vilification, where normative approaches have been exhausted or corrupted beyond belief, Kristian’s practice investigates the offers to evolve. Within this space of transformation Kristian seeks to show that in liminal voids there are solutions, avenues, beings, knowns- that surpass words, identifiables, and definitions- that take us further into territories of personal- not just artistic- metamorphosis.