“Kristian is a fearless mover. Watching or photographing him, you can experience his unpredictable shifts and nuances through the lenses – a gypsy mover. A performer to keep your eyes on.”

Gregory Lorenzutti

(2020) Image: Theresa Hall
Kristian is an interdisciplinary performance artist, producer and director specialising in the forms of Theatre, Dance, and Circus with a strong curiosity for experimental, immersive and hybrid work. Kristian is the co-founder and artistic director of companies Occupied Spaces and SpaceFold Technology and a key creative with companies Broad Encounters, David Carberry Productions, and Shock Therapy Productions. Recent works include: A Midnight Visit, The Time Travel Cafe, The Last Collection, Redlight Distancing, Love Lust Lost, and Sand by Belloo Creative.  His collaborative nature and holistic training style yields collage-like performances that are heavily influenced by the utilisation of diverse modes of expressions: live projection, community interaction, large-scale spectacle, installation, and cinematography. Kristian’s experience extends across direction and production, creative consultancy, choreography, dramaturgy, film, and workshop facilitation.